Our restaurant serves traditional Khmer food cooked by my family. These family recipes are popular from where we come from in Battambang province and have been taught through the generations in my family.

We also have a number of fruit juices, smoothies, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks available.

We have a range of dining options for you with our cool and relaxing restaurant. We also have outside dining available in the garden and our roof top eating area has stunning views of the sunset and surrounding countryside. Room service is also available free of charge in your room so you can eat in the privacy of your own balcony or terrace.

Opening Times

Breakfast: 6:30 – 9:30 am

Lunch: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Dinner: 5pm – 10:30pm

Restaurant Seating

Our restaurant serves a wide range of Khmer food and Western Food. Our restaurant is calm and relaxing and you have a number of seating options available. You can eat in the restaurant with our ambient and relaxing atmosphere. You can also sit and relax in our garden while you eat. We also have the rooftop dining area so you can watch the beautiful sunset over the horizon of the Cambodian countryside while you enjoy a delicious meal. Finally, we have room service available free of charge.

Our Khmer food is traditional Cambodian cuisine which has been passed down through Hak’s family’s generations. A number of Khmer dishes can also be served without meat and we have a range of vegetarian options available for guests that don’t eat meat.


Garden Seating

Cambodia is blessed with great weather nearly all year round and we mostly do everything outside. Most Cambodian families will eat outside nearly every day and have created a nice relaxing seating area in our garden for guests to enjoy a lovely meal.

You can sit and relax in our peaceful garden and enjoy some fine Khmer cuisine using homemade recipes which have been passed from generation to generation. With mood lighting, scented flowers and intimate space, many of our guests enjoy to follow with Cambodian tradition to eat outside.

We also have a rooftop dining area which is cool and quiet. It offers a stunning view of the surrounding countryside and many guests enjoy to see the sunset while enjoying some fine food. We’ve created this relaxing and secluded spot to enjoy the cool evenings in peace.

The sunset in Cambodia is around the same time every day of the year and it’s usually between 5:30pm and 6:30pm, it’s the perfect time to sit down, eat dinner and watch the amazing Asian sun set over the Cambodian countryside.

We offer a full restaurant service in our rooftop dining area and we close our restaurant at 10:30 at night, so you can enjoy a few drinks in the cool breeze and take in the 360 degree view in comfort.

We also offer room service for all our guests. You can order anything from our menu and have it delivered directly to your room with no extra cost.

Many of our guests like to enjoy a fine meal sitting in the privacy of their own private balcony or terrace. It’s a perfect way to share a quiet meal and relax in the tranquil environment of our hotel.

We also have tables and chairs inside the rooms, so you can also enjoy dining inside your own personal living room.

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